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To find out where your candidate stands on protecting women and children, simply search by your ZIP code and then click on the red pin to see the candidate in your area. In the pop-up box that appears, you will see More Details. Click on that for information we have compiled including voting record. If you know the candidates names, you can find them in the list below the map.

ZIP / Address:
Zack Hudgins Renton, WA, USA Zack Hudgins
William 'Bill' Jenkin Walla Walla, WA, USA William 'Bill' Jenkin
Vincent Buys Lynden, WA, USA Vincent Buys
Vicki Kraft Vancouver, WA, USA Vicki Kraft
Tracy Atwood Bellingham, WA, USA Tracy Atwood
Tom Dent Ellensburg, WA, USA Tom Dent
Tina L. Orwall Normandy Park, WA, USA Tina L. Orwall
Timm Ormsby Spokane, WA, USA Timm Ormsby
Tim Probst Vancouver, WA, USA Tim Probst
Terry R. Nealey Pasco, WA, USA Terry R. Nealey
Teri Hickel Milton, WA, USA Teri Hickel
Teresa Purcell Aberdeen, WA, USA Teresa Purcell
Tana Senn Mercer Island, WA, USA Tana Senn
Tamra Smilanich Tacoma, WA, USA Tamra Smilanich
Susan Soto Palmer Goldendale, WA, USA Susan Soto Palmer
Sue Kuehl Pederson Longview, WA, USA Sue Kuehl Pederson
Strom Peterson Everett, WA, USA Strom Peterson
Steve Tharinger Sequim, WA, USA Steve Tharinger
Steve Simmons Richland, WA, USA Steve Simmons
Steve Owens Olympia, WA, USA Steve Owens
Steve O'Ban Tacoma, WA, USA Steve O'Ban
Steve Litzow Mercer Island, WA, USA Steve Litzow
Steve Kirby Tacoma, WA, USA Steve Kirby
Steve Bergquist East Wenatchee, WA, USA Steve Bergquist
Stephanie Heart Viskovich Seattle, WA, USA Stephanie Heart Viskovich
Sherry V. Appleton Bainbridge Island, WA, USA Sherry V. Appleton
Shelly Short Wauconda, WA, USA Shelly Short
Shelley Kloba Kirkland, WA, USA Shelley Kloba
Sharon Wylie Vancouver, WA, USA Sharon Wylie
Sharon Tomiko Santos Seattle, WA, USA Sharon Tomiko Santos
Sharlaine LaClair Ferndale, WA, USA Sharlaine LaClair
Shar Lichty Cheney, WA, USA Shar Lichty
Scott V. Stucker Spokane Valley, WA, USA Scott V. Stucker
Sam Kim Vancouver, WA, USA Sam Kim
Sam Hunt Olympia, WA, USA Sam Hunt
Ruth Kagi Seattle, WA, USA Ruth Kagi
Ronda Metcalf Darington, WA, USA Ronda Metcalf
Roger Goodman Kirkland, WA, USA Roger Goodman
Rick Thomas Tacoma, WA, USA Rick Thomas
Rick Jansons Tri-Cities, WA, USA Rick Jansons
Richard DeBolt Auburn, WA, USA Richard DeBolt
Richard (Dick) Muri Steilacoom, WA, USA Richard (Dick) Muri
Reuven Carlyle Seattle, WA, USA Reuven Carlyle
Rebecca Francik Pasco, WA, USA Rebecca Francik
Randy Spitzer Port Orchard, WA, USA Randy Spitzer
Randy McGlenn II Spokane, WA, USA Randy McGlenn II
Randi Becker Eatonville, WA, USA Randi Becker
Ramiro Valderrama Sammamish, WA, USA Ramiro Valderrama
Phil Fortunato Auburn, WA, USA Phil Fortunato
Paul Wagemann Lakewood, WA, USA Paul Wagemann
Paul Harris Vancouver, WA, USA Paul Harris
Paul Graves Spokane, WA, USA Paul Graves
Patty Kuderer Bellevue, WA, USA Patty Kuderer
Pat Sullivan Auburn, WA, USA Pat Sullivan
Pamela Pollock SeaTac, WA, USA Pamela Pollock
Norma Smith Stanwood, WA, USA Norma Smith
Norm Johnson Yakima, WA, USA Norm Johnson
Noel Christina Frame Seattle, WA, USA Noel Christina Frame
Nicole Macri Seattle, WA, USA Nicole Macri
Neil Thannisch Bothell, WA, USA Neil Thannisch
Monica Jurado Stonier Vancouver, WA, USA Monica Jurado Stonier
Mindie Wirth Bothell, WA, USA Mindie Wirth
Mike Volz Spokane, WA, USA Mike Volz
Mike Steele Wenatchee, WA, USA Mike Steele
Mike Sells Everett, WA, USA Mike Sells
Mike Pellicciotti Federal Way, WA, USA Mike Pellicciotti
Mike Padden Mead, WA, USA Mike Padden
Mike Foster Kennewick, WA, USA Mike Foster
Mike Chapman Port Angeles, WA, USA Mike Chapman
Michelle Darnell Kirkland, WA, USA Michelle Darnell
Michelle Chatterton Puyallup, WA, USA Michelle Chatterton
Michelle Caldier Port Orchard, WA, USA Michelle Caldier
Michael Scott Clinton, WA, USA Michael Scott
Michael Appleby Bellevue, WA, USA Michael Appleby
Mia Su-Ling Gregerson Seahurst, WA, USA Mia Su-Ling Gregerson
Melanie Stambaugh Puyallup, WA, USA Melanie Stambaugh
Maureen Walsh Pasco, WA, USA Maureen Walsh
Matthew Benson Seattle, WA, USA Matthew Benson
Matt Shea Olympia, WA, USA Matt Shea
Matt Manweller Moses Lake, WA, USA Matt Manweller
Mary Dye West Pasco, WA, USA Mary Dye
Martin Hash Hockinson, WA, USA Martin Hash
Mark Mullet Issaquah, WA, USA Mark Mullet
Mark Harmsworth Mill Creek, WA, USA Mark Harmsworth
Mark Hargrove Covington, WA, USA Mark Hargrove
Mark G. Schoesler Pomeroy, WA, USA Mark G. Schoesler
Marisa Peloquin Tacoma, WA, USA Marisa Peloquin
Marilyn Rasmussen Eatonville, WA, USA Marilyn Rasmussen
Mari Leavitt University Place, WA, USA Mari Leavitt
Marcus Riccelli Spokane, WA, USA Marcus Riccelli
Lynnette Vehrs Spokane, WA, USA Lynnette Vehrs
Lynda Wilson Vancouver, WA, USA Lynda Wilson
Luanne Van Werven Lynden, WA, USA Luanne Van Werven
Loretta Byrnes Poulsbo, WA, USA Loretta Byrnes
Liz Pike Vancouver, WA, USA Liz Pike
Lisa Wellman Mercer Island, WA, USA Lisa Wellman
Linda M. Wright Marysville, WA, USA Linda M. Wright
Linda Kochmar Federal Way, WA, USA Linda Kochmar
Lillian Ortiz-Self Olympia, WA, USA Lillian Ortiz-Self
Lewis Gerhardt Vancouver, WA, USA Lewis Gerhardt
Laurie Jinkins Tacoma, WA, USA Laurie Jinkins
Laurie Dolan Olympia, WA, USA Laurie Dolan
Laura Carder Spokane, WA, USA Laura Carder
Larry Springer Kirkland, WA, USA Larry Springer
Larry Seaquist Gig Harbor, WA, USA Larry Seaquist
Larry Haler Ritzville, WA, USA Larry Haler
Lane Walthers Enumclaw, WA, USA Lane Walthers
Kristine Reeves Federal Way, WA, USA Kristine Reeves
Kristine Lytton Anacortes, WA, USA Kristine Lytton
Kirk Pearson Monroe, WA, USA Kirk Pearson
Kevin Van De Wege Port Ludlow, WA, USA Kevin Van De Wege
Kevin Ranker Orcas Island, WA, USA Kevin Ranker
Katrina Ondracek Snohomish, WA, USA Katrina Ondracek
Kathy Gillespie Longview, WA, USA Kathy Gillespie
Karl Mecklenburg Puyallup, WA, USA Karl Mecklenburg
Kaitlyn Beck Vancouver, WA, USA Kaitlyn Beck
Justin Oberg Battle Ground, WA, USA Justin Oberg
June Robinson Everett, WA, USA June Robinson
Judy Clibborn Mercer Island, WA, USA Judy Clibborn
JT Wilcox McKenna, WA, USA JT Wilcox
Joyce McDonald Puyallup, WA, USA Joyce McDonald
Jordan Webb Yakima, WA, USA Jordan Webb
Jon Wyss Normandy Park, WA, USA Jon Wyss
John Potter Burien, WA, USA John Potter
John Pass Bellevue, WA, USA John Pass
John Lovick Everett, WA, USA John Lovick
John Koster Everett, WA, USA John Koster
John Frostad Edgewood, WA, USA John Frostad
John Dickinson Seattle, WA, USA John Dickinson
John D. Alger Midland, WA, USA John D. Alger
John Braun Chehalis, WA, USA John Braun
John (Eric) Adams Goldendale, WA, USA John (Eric) Adams
Joel Kretz Newport, WA, USA Joel Kretz
Joe Schmick Oak Harbor, WA, USA Joe Schmick
Joe Fitzgibbon Seattle, WA, USA Joe Fitzgibbon
Joan McBride Kirkland, WA, USA Joan McBride
Jimi O'Hagan Longview, WA, USA Jimi O'Hagan
Jim Walsh Grayland, WA, USA Jim Walsh
Jim Langston Snohomish, WA, USA Jim Langston
Jessyn Farrell Seattle, WA, USA Jessyn Farrell
Jessica Garcia Tacoma, WA, USA Jessica Garcia
Jesse L. Young Gig Harbor, WA, USA Jesse L. Young
Jerry Paine Moses Lake, WA, USA Jerry Paine
Jennifer Goulet Colfax, WA, USA Jennifer Goulet
Jeff Scherrer Mukilteo, WA, USA Jeff Scherrer
Jeff Morris Anacortes, WA, USA Jeff Morris
Jeff Holy Addy, WA, USA Jeff Holy
Jeannie Darneille Tacoma, WA, USA Jeannie Darneille
Jay Rodne Issaquah, WA, USA Jay Rodne
Jason Ritchie Carnation, WA, USA Jason Ritchie
Janice Huxford Lake Stevens, WA, USA Janice Huxford
Jamie Smith Puyallup, WA, USA Jamie Smith
James Apker Spokane, WA, USA James Apker
Jake Fey Tacoma, WA, USA Jake Fey
Irene Bowling Silverdale, WA, USA Irene Bowling
Hans Zeiger Puyallup, WA, USA Hans Zeiger
Guy Palumbo Snohomish, WA, USA Guy Palumbo
Greg Taylor Tacoma, WA, USA Greg Taylor
Gina McCabe Granger, WA, USA Gina McCabe
Gerry Pollet Seattle, WA, USA Gerry Pollet
George Vrable Sequim, WA, USA George Vrable
Gary Downing Vancouver, WA, USA Gary Downing
Gael Tarleton Seattle, WA, USA Gael Tarleton
Frank Chopp Seattle, WA, USA Frank Chopp
Erin Smith Aboudara Tukwila, WA, USA Erin Smith Aboudara
Eric Pettigrew Seattle, WA, USA Eric Pettigrew
Eric K. Holt La Center, WA, USA Eric K. Holt
Eileen L. Cody Seattle, WA, USA Eileen L. Cody
Ed Orcutt Edmonds, WA, USA Ed Orcutt
Drew Stokesbary Auburn, WA, USA Drew Stokesbary
Drew Hansen Sequim, WA, USA Drew Hansen
Drew C. MacEwen Union, WA, USA Drew C. MacEwen
Doris Brevoort Seattle, WA, USA Doris Brevoort
Donald Austin Olympia, WA, USA Donald Austin
Derek Stanford Bothell, WA, USA Derek Stanford
Derek Maynes South Hill, WA, USA Derek Maynes
Dennis Price Renton, WA, USA Dennis Price
Dean Takko Aberdeen, WA, USA Dean Takko
David V. Taylor Yakima, WA, USA David V. Taylor
David Sawyer Parkland, WA, USA David Sawyer
David D. Schirle Seattle, WA, USA David D. Schirle
Dave Hayes Mount Vernon, WA, USA Dave Hayes
Darcy Burner Issaquah, WA, USA Darcy Burner
Danille Turissini Port Ludlow, WA, USA Danille Turissini
Dan Shih Seattle, WA, USA Dan Shih
Dan Maher Lake Chelan, WA, USA Dan Maher
Dan Kristiansen Snohomish, WA, USA Dan Kristiansen
Dan Griffey Allyn, WA, USA Dan Griffey
Curtis King Yakima, WA, USA Curtis King
Craig Patti Allyn, WA, USA Craig Patti
Cindy Ryu Centralia, WA, USA Cindy Ryu
Christine Rolfes Poulsbo, WA, USA Christine Rolfes
Christine Kilduff University Place, WA, USA Christine Kilduff
Chad Magendanz Issaquah, WA, USA Chad Magendanz
Cary Condotta Wenatchee, WA, USA Cary Condotta
Bruce Chandler Moxee, WA, USA Bruce Chandler
Brooke Valentine Covington, WA, USA Brooke Valentine
Brian E. Blake Olympia, WA, USA Brian E. Blake
Brandon Vick Vancouver, WA, USA Brandon Vick
Brad Klippert Richland, WA, USA Brad Klippert
Brad Hawkins Brewster, WA, USA Brad Hawkins
Bob McCaslin Issaquah, WA, USA Bob McCaslin
Bob Hasegawa Renton, WA, USA Bob Hasegawa
Beth Doglio Bainbridge Island, WA, USA Beth Doglio
Bert Johnson Snohomish, WA, USA Bert Johnson
Benjamin Judah Phelps Bellevue, WA, USA Benjamin Judah Phelps
Barry Knowles Covington, WA, USA Barry Knowles
Barbara Bailey Seattle, WA, USA Barbara Bailey
Annette Cleveland Vancouver, WA, USA Annette Cleveland
Ann Rivers Vancouver, WA, USA Ann Rivers
Angie Homola Oak Harbor, WA, USA Angie Homola
Andy Billig Spokane, WA, USA Andy Billig
Andrew Pilloud Seattle, WA, USA Andrew Pilloud
Andrew Barkis Lacey, WA, USA Andrew Barkis
Amy Pivetta Hoffman Frederickson, WA, USA Amy Pivetta Hoffman
Amanda Richards Yakima, WA, USA Amanda Richards
Alvin Rutledge Edmonds, WA, USA Alvin Rutledge
Alishia Topper Vancouver, WA, USA Alishia Topper
Alex Hels Kennewick, WA, USA Alex Hels
AJ Cooper Walla Walla, WA, USA AJ Cooper