The Just Want Privacy Campaign

We are pleased to announce that the Just Want Privacy Campaign filed a ballot initiative to repeal the Washington State Human Rights Commission’s open bathroom/locker room rule today.

In addition to repealing the open rule and restoring decision making power to the hands of business owners, the initiative would protect the most vulnerable among us by requiring public schools to maintain sex specific facilities while providing reasonable accommodations for gender non-conforming students.

While our efforts to achieve this goal last year were ultimately unsuccessful, the only constraint was time; we almost accomplished in nine weeks what many fail to do in six months. We are confident that, with your help and the extra couple months, we can restore safety, privacy, and common sense in Washington.

Some have asked why we are filing the initiative when legislators have already proposed measures like HB 1011 to address the privacy issue. While we are fully supportive of these measures and encourage you to contact your legislators to voice your enthusiasm for them, we lost valuable time last year waiting for a legislative fix to this problem, and we are not interested in making that mistake again. The rise of voyeurism in public facilities only increases the urgency for us to do everything within our power to act now.

The current rule in Washington is as dangerous and offensive today as it was a year ago, and if we don’t fight to overturn it, women and children, especially, will pay the price. We appreciate your support as you stand with us. Initiatives are a monumental effort, and we cannot achieve success without your help.

Read The Initiative Text

Stand with us as we stand to protect women and children from this dangerous rule. We all value comfort in locker rooms and showers. But we can’t choose the comfort of one group over the safety and privacy of another.