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Minneapolis School Girls Pay Price of Gender Identity


By Jordan Lorence  – –  Jan 3, 2017 (Alliance Defending Freedom)

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune published an article about efforts to provide equal opportunity for young women in a local public high school. The article unwittingly exposes how transgender ideology undermines these efforts to help women.

St. Anthony Village High School near Minneapolis has an all-girl shop class. This class excludes boys, the article says, so that girls can learn to use power tools and make things without males looking over their shoulders. The presence of boys apparently discourages girls to elect shop class, even in the age of Pinterest and Instagram, through which millions of women and girls regularly share photos and videos of their successful projects.

There are 21 girls in the all-female class. Only two girls signed up for the same class when it included boys. The article points out that the girls typically want to make furniture, like coffee tables and wooden cribs, while the classes dominated by boys push projects like hovercrafts and automated drawbridges.

The article is written from a “classic” feminist perspective. The argument goes that because women have not received equal opportunity in the past, it is acceptable for the public school to restrict the shop class to females only.

Important to note is the presupposition that girls are objectively different than boys. The author also assumes, like all rational people do, that school officials can determine who is a girl and who is a boy.

But what if a boy who identifies as a girl signs up for the class? Can the school officials exclude him from the all-girls class because he would, like any other male, create the unwelcoming atmosphere for girls that the class was created to avoid in the first place? What if a student claims to be non-binary…gender fluid…neither male nor female? What shop class can that person attend?

Transgenderism must ultimately undermine the basis for women’s equality, because it rejects the truth that sex is biological, objective and inborn, and replaces it with the claim that sex is subjective, arbitrary and self-defined. As is becoming increasingly clear, the more our society embraces transgenderism and rejects obvious and important distinctions between males and females, it will disrupt worthy efforts to provide equal opportunity for women.

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