We need 330,000 signatures by July 1st!

Obama Administration’s Public School Locker Room Policy

The President’s Department of Justice issued the attached letter mandating that public schools change their shower, locker room and bathroom policies so that anyone can enter, solely based on how that person chooses to identify or express their gender identity, regardless of their biological status. This also includes sports teams.

Read the letter here.

According to FPIW.org,

“This means that any boy can enter the girls locker room or showers, so long as he claims internally to feel like a girl, or vice versa. Simply claiming that one feels like a female is now sufficient proof to allow unrestricted access to these private places where girls will be in various states of dress and undress.”

If you are concerned about locker room privacy and safety in Washington State, please join us. There are several ways you can help:

• Request An Initiative. We have until July 8th to gather 325,000 signatures from concerned citizens to even allow Washingtonians to vote on it. Time is short.
• The opponents of locker room privacy are well funded and have the support of Google, Microsoft and Starbucks. We are a grassroots effort.
• Tell someone! Share your concern on Social Media. On this website, you will find all of the information you need to kn0w to properly explain what’s happening.

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