We need 330,000 signatures by July 1st!

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In order for Washingtonians to have the right to vote on I-1552, Just Want Privacy must turn in 330,000 signatures by July 7th to the Secretary of State's office.

We need your help.

  1. Please call our office at 425-409-8186 and we will send a petition out to you the same day.  Or you can pick one up at a Regional Petition Center on the map on our homepage.
  2. Please sign the petition.
  3. Have your friends and family members do the same.
  4. Return the petitions to the address located on the back of the petition (bottom right) by July 1st so we can return them to the Secretary of State by July 7th.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not signing the petition by filling out this form. You are requesting a petition form be sent to you.

Petition Request Form

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