We need 330,000 signatures by July 1st!


Signature Sunday | June 4, 2017

Washington Churches Stand Up for Women and Children

Pastor Aaragon Markwell takes church outside in defense of women and children.


Have you heard that the WA State Human Rights Commission recently created a rule that allows grown men to shower next to little girls at the gym? It sounds like hyperbole, but sadly it’s true.

The good news is that it’s not too late to fix this problem. Earlier this year, the Just Want Privacy Campaign, a grassroots group of concerned citizens, filed I-1552 to repeal the new rule and restore safety and privacy options for all Washingtonians. But if we don’t collect 330,000 signatures of registered WA voters by July 7, I-1552 will not make the November ballot, and we will be stuck with a dangerous rule that we never even got the chance to vote on.

We need the local church to step up to the plate and lead the charge. The Bible is pretty clear that love always protects. If we stand idly back and let the government declare that grown men have a right to be naked in front of our daughters without their consent, what in the world will we allow them to declare next?

Little girls can't defend themselves. They need us to do it for them. That’s what Signature Sunday is all about. There are easily enough people in churches across the state on any given Sunday morning to get I-1552 on the ballot in a single day.

We’ve selected June 4 as that day.


Pastors: We are asking you to register your church for Signature Sunday. All we are asking is that you make petitions available to your congregations and invite them to sign them on or before June 4. We will mail the petitions directly to your door. All you need to do is invite your congregants to sign.

If your church has already been circulating petitions, please fill out the form anyway, and click the box that indicates you’re already on board just so we know we can count you in.

Church Members: Please invite your church leaders to participate and let them know how important this is to you. Our efforts here will be dramatically improved if you are the ones starting the conversation.
For Extra Credit: Bold begets bold. A lot of times, people just need to see that they aren’t alone in order to find the courage to take a stand themselves. We recently sent out a letter to pastors FROM pastors soliciting their help, and it was incredibly effective. If your church has any kind of tech savvy, would you consider posting a message of support for I-1552 on your social media pages?

Last year our campaign received numerous messages from community members who were considering returning to church, and they asked us to direct them to churches with the boldness to stand for privacy. Help us know which direction to point them in!