Why do we need this initiative?

On December 26th, the Human Rights Commission, a team of five unelected commissioners appointed by Governor Inslee, enacted WAC 162-32, a regulation with troubling implications for privacy and businesses throughout the state.

The new WAC requires all schools and businesses with more than eight employees to grant access to bathrooms and locker rooms on the basis of gender identity rather than biological anatomy. In short, this means that people of any sex can enter a locker room of the opposite sex and defend their right to be there based on gender identity, a subjective concept that is impossible to prove. The safety and privacy implications of this measure are relatively obvious: People are now routinely forced into situations where they may be exposed to opposite sex anatomy, and they’re afraid to report suspicious behavior for fear of a lawsuit.

This intrusive rule goes even further by imposing burdensome regulations on free-speech, as it prohibits “any unwelcome questions related to gender identity” and forbids the use of “incorrect gender-related pronouns.” (Read the rule on page 3.)

The HRC is supposed to act in accordance with the will of the people by inviting diverse opinions before enacting regulations. Instead, they hosted a few obscure meetings attended by a total of 46 people before imposing these regulations on the seven million residents of Washington State. They circumnavigated the people and the officials who represent them in order to push an agenda with more loopholes than benefits.

Please join us as we work to overturn this ill-advised rule and restore privacy for everyone. Sign up to gather signatures and contribute financially if you can."